About Delhi Slum Dwellers Federation (DSDF)

OBJECTIVE: Upliftment of poor through education, training and skill up graduation.

Delhi has large population of approximately four million slum dwellers, lacking basic infrastructure.

DSDF has been working on projects that aim to provide education, training and skill development by conducting vocational courses at centers in various parts of Delhi.

We aim employment opportunities to low income groups. Such projects provide hope and opportunities to poor and build constructive, peaceful work force that transforms into positive contribution to society.

DSDF imparts technical education to slum dwellers free and to others at a nominal cost. Courses are planned with emphasis on employment opportunities.

DSDF is registered u/s 12A of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Donation made to DSDF is deductible u/s 80G   of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


DSDF working in slum areas has trained 1200 women 1000 men in last 6years under various vocational programs. DSDF provides specific emphasis on women empowerment by conducting awareness programs, computer education and now adding sewing skills for youth to become employable. Dissemination of community information has also been undertaken.

DSDF signed MOU with Apparel Training and Design Center (ATDC), an outfit of Apparel Export Promotion Council, for skill development for apparel industry. ATDC vide MOU in July-2013 has committed employment opportunity to every candidate on completion of training.

DSDF also runs a Charitable Homoeopathic clinic at Sarojini Nagar.

DSDF undertakes training of youth into Indian sporting activities which keeps them fit and alert.

Nearly 2000 persons including women and children have derived extensive benefit till today.